• Are you currently running SAP Business Objects 3.x or 4.0? Do you have a plan to migrate prior to the end of mainstream maintenance support.
  • If you have more questions than answers and could use some guidance on your analytics journey, do not stress. Sita Corp has worked with SAP to provide a simple approach:
  • Sita Corp has been providing SAP services for more than twenty years, and is a Certified SAP partner and reseller.
  • We are pleased to offer an aggressive approach to assist in your migration to the next generation platform.
  • This offer provides a rapid, no risk and flexible approach.

Migration Assessment Package

Sita Corp is pleased to offer a 10 day fixed fee on-site assessment. This project will provide key deliverables that will be critical to your success and long-term Analytics Strategy and include:

  • SAP Business Objects 4.1 Test Drive Sandbox, no risk and no commitment.
  • Access to a SAP Business Objects Expert for a One-On-One session.
  • Enterprise Readiness Assessment.
  • Full Written Implementation Plan.
  • Complete Migration Proposal.

While a supported environment and the platform of the future may be your immediate goal, it is important to understand services to support your entire analytic environment:

SAP Business Objects Migration

  • Leverage our Full Services offering for SAP Business Objects Migration to 4.1
  • SITA CORP offers comprehensive services to migrate your Business Objects to the latest version of Business Objects.
  • Test the new features of BOBJ 4.1 with your data using our BOBJ Cloud Services.
  • Our fixed fees Migration assessment package gives you upfront estimate of how much it would cost for your BOBJ 4.1 migration.
  • We also provide Business Objects 4.1 training.

Migrate BOBJ To Cloud

  • Migrate your analytics to a Cloud and SaaS model
  • Are you spending more money than you want to in maintaining reports? Is your valuable resources tied up for maintaining commodity services? Are you worried about high cost resources managing your data center? You want to redirect your valuable resources focused on innovative business solutions and offerings?
  • Our Business Objects on Cloud will address these concerns.
  • You can relocate all your business objects center of excellent to our cloud.
  • We will help you manage all your reports and systems at a significant cost savings up to 40% and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Re-use that saved money for other innovative projects.

Test Drive

  • Use our labs to test drive your data for SAP Business Objects 4.1 migration.
  • Learn new functionality that SAP Business Objects 4.1 provides and then migrate!

Help Desk

  • Post Production Support. Leverage our SAP certified help desk!
  • We provide 24x7 support for our customers globally.

Recognize and capitalize on the most profitable areas of your business with detailed reports in real-time.Leverage Business Objects new features and functionality.SAP Business Objects support for Versions 4.0 and earlier ends at December 31st, 2015.Make sure your businesses are in compliance and leveraging the newer versions.


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    • Operational Expense Vs Capital Expense
    • Pay-As-You-Go
    • You don't have to worry about managing Data Centers
    • Immediately Available
    • Operate your data centers with less number of staff
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