Medical Records

Review, enter and store medical Information

Communication Center

  • Review Notifications from patients’ regarding input of new diseases, new allergies, new medications
  • Respond to patient messages

Patient Management

  • Schedule appointments / tests
  • Patient lists for the day / week / month / year
  • Patient chart review, search medications / tests / upcoming exams
  • Review tests / labs anywhere, anytime
  • e-prescribe works with preexisting prescription system
  • Dictation of notes
  • File closing procedure if patient moved
  • View the patient’s payments co-pays, deductibles, A/R details, HIPPA compliant format to be used
  • View financial analytics leading to better informed decisions

Community Physicians

DrSOJO Referral Link makes referral process faster and efficient.

Gives secure, web-based access of medical information to authorized providers / specialists, which helps them track patients’ history and improve their ability to coordinate longitudinal care.

Secure messaging allows Specialists to send electronic consults.


DrSOJO Plan Linkmakes distinctive services available to employers and physicians there by giving provider and payer organizations a competitive advantage. Providers can submit referrals, view notifications and review statuses of claims. Providers can access and print remittance advice reports, saving time on personnel phone calls / fax, and mailing expenses.

SOJO plan link allows employers to access invoices online.


  • Continuing Education
  • Products Education

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