Integrate Information from disparate systems in different departments such as an x-ray/imaging system; laboratory system housing chemistry, microbiology and pathology; pharmacy system; medical records system; billing system etc.,


Provider collaboration Solutions(PCS)
  • Tele-health solutions (Physician / nurses / care givers) for continuity of care via consultations with patients in remote areas
Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Record information to be shared across organizations within a community or hospitals, so a need for physician visit / test / lab upon discharge is made aware to all including Patient / Primary care provider.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • All information pertaining to a patient is captured and provided as needed in one single record.

Collaboration Among Peers

  • Provides medical assistance to doctors remotely


  • Access all your data anytime, anywhere with any device
  • Provide Intuitive solutions


  • HIPAA compliance
  • Enterprise secure, 256 bit, encrypted data storage


  • Departmental Performance
  • Analytics on finances to actively manage their revenues
  • Analytics on the diseases and patient wellness, treatment quality and compliance
  • Integrated solution – All Data In OnePlace – single record, single version worldwide (OneView)
  • Both Cloud based and Appliance based solutions available.

Customer Relations

  • Improve your patient relationship
  • Increase your patient retention

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