• As your organization expands and improves its IT systems and processes, the need for fast, secure and accurate migration and integration of data becomes ever more vital to improving corporate performance and delivering a competitive advantage
  • We all understand that to stay ahead we need to adapt and modernize our IT infrastructure to capitalize on rapid advances in technology innovation.
  • However, determining how to do it efficiently and effectively and within budget is not a straightforward undertaking.
  • This is where we know Sojourner can help, and we have success stories from customers who have been there to prove it.
  • Whether you are looking to transfer all data from your legacy systems into new systems, or seeking to modernize your existing mainframe with new integrated capabilities, Sojourner can help.

Legacy Systems Modernization

Legacy systems are typically described as monolithic, inflexible to changing business needs, and unable to comply with new standards and regulations. However, your organization may have a number of compelling business cases for keeping a legacy system.

  • The costs of redesigning or replacing the system are prohibitive.
  • Retraining on a new system would be costly in lost time and money, compared to the anticipated appreciable benefits of replacing it.
  • The system requires near-constant availability, so it cannot be taken out of service.
  • The way that the system works is not well understood by current employees due to a lack of documentation.
  • The system can easily be replaced when this becomes necessary

Whilst these may all be valid reasons, if left unchallenged they will lead to complacency and stagnation.

Not Replacing Legacy Systems May Sometimes Be The Right Decision, Not Modernizing Them Never Is.

No matter which sector you operate in, to keep up in the fast moving, increasingly data-driven global marketplace, you need to have the right tools and technology to take your business forward and remain competitive.

Legacy To Cloud

  • Are you spending more money than you want to in maintaining outdated legacy systems? Is your valuable resources tied up for maintaining commodity services? Are you worried about retiring resources managing your data center? You want to redirect your valuable resources focused on innovative business solutions and offerings?
  • Our Legacy Systems on Cloud will address all of these concerns
  • You can relocate all your legacy systems to our cloud.
  • We will help you to manage all your reports and systems at a significant cost savings up to 40% and hassle-free maintenance. Re-use that saved money for other innovative projects.

Migration Tools

  • SITA CORP’s proprietary tools helps you in your migration process
  • Our tools cut down the migration time by saving you potentially several hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • We also provide you with a road map to decommission your old legacy systems to new systems.

Mobile App

  • Mobile-friendly kiosk system makes ordering accessible at the customer’s fingertips
  • QR code
  • Loyalty programs for frequent customers
  • Reorder option
  • Guest "favorites" list

Modernizing your legacy systems can result in:

  • Improved communication with customersImproved communication with customers
  • Lowering costs by enhancing automation
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Flexibility
  • Efficient sales processes
  • Many more enterprise wide benefits


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