Mobile App Development

Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Supports native, hybrid, and web application development
  • Defines brand designs, workflow, analytics, reporting, and enterprise integration requirements
  • Choose from a library of applications, reporting templates and formst
  • Option to share development designs and templates with your development team and users in the cloud

  • Use connectors for SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, IBM, Web Services, Databases, etc.
  • Integrates with any enterprise assets: ERP, Services, Apps, Backend Legacy, and Futures Systems
  • Aggregates information gathered from multiple, disparate systems – and builds business logic, workflow, policies, role-based approvals and access, BYOD device user management, and reporting

A single unified presentation in OneViewTM of your enterprise information: when you need it, on any device - laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

OneViewTM Manager enables you to share information across your enterprise in a single view. It provides a secure, reliable platform that both is user-friendly, and integrates easily with other public or private cloud services.

Whether your enterprise needs short-term on-site support, or a long-term commitment with ongoing system support, we work with you to tailor a cost-effective program that best meets your needs.

Delivers framework to securely manage data with business intelligence features, across multiple applications.


  • Enables you to build native, hybrid, and web applications for phones, tablets, or desktops on a single platform
  • Multi-system integration for capturing the information you need
  • Flexible to create the OneView™ you need to communicate and securely share the right information, with the right people, in real-time
  • Supports multi-channel apps of HTML5 and JavaScript web technologies

  • Public Cloud – A securely managed multi-tenant cloud-based offering hosted by Sita Corp or a major Cloud Services provider
  • Private Cloud – A securely managed single-tenant cloud-based offering hosted at Sita Corp or a major Cloud Services provider
  • On-Premise – A securely managed appliance hosted at customer premises

  • Relies on your current security scheme to control access to data – no new layers of security required
  • Supports data encryption, https, role-based authentication, active directory, Verisign, digital signatures, and many more
  • Products
    Retail Mobile app
    Ecommerce Mobile Cart Application
  • Products
    Retail Kiosk
    Order Taking Kiosk Management System
  • Products
    Sales Management
    Sales Application Management System
  • Products
    Store Customer Relationship Management
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