Strategic Consulting

Our assessment

  • Looks at current IT software, business processes, infrastructure (servers, desktops, network, storage) and security, to understand gaps and risks in the current state
  • Looks at the business strategy and determines how IT strategy needs to support the business strategy in the short and in the long term
  • A 3 year roadmap for achieving a future state is developed in a collaborative manner.

Store Optimization

  • Software can be selected through Sita Corp’s Application Selection Decision Framework, to determine whether an ERP System, CRM system, MES system, etc. is utilized.

  • This assessment generally covers all business functions (i.e. Financial Accounting, Cost Controlling, Material Management, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning & Quality Management) and all regions that will be supported by the ERP system.
  • In this assessment one reviews the current business processes, current issues/opportunities, future state processes and technology, logical sequence in which functional modules should be implemented, costs and benefits.
  • This assessment can also be narrowly focused around ERP Selection or ERP Business Case.
  • We look at the Basis support, ABAP, application break/fix support, hosting, network support, Help Desk and methodology/process for application enhancements.
  • We also look at Service Level Agreements, performance metrics/KPIs, and spending analysis to come up with a list of areas that need improvement.
  • This assessment provides recommendations to promote performance and reduce costs.

Our ERP Health Check is designed to assess

  • how well see the SAP processes map to actual business processes,
  • the robustness, security and scalability of the technical environment and
  • he extent to which the SAP applications are enabling the realization of the full benefits of an integrated enterprise.
  • This is achieved through interviews with a wide cross-section of people in the enterpris
  • The current state, gaps and future state vision are articulated.
  • A roadmap for achieving the future state is developed in collaboration with the client.

  • Manufacturing Optimization
  • Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (MII) Assessme
  • Manufacturing Execution (ME) Assessment

  • This assessment generally covers the current state supply chain issues/opportunities within the enterprise and within its supply chain partners.
  • Issues generally fall within the areas of demand planning, supply network planning and detailed planning & scheduling.
  • Future state processes, technology and a roadmap to achieve the future state are recommended.

The purpose of this assessment is to produce a high level solution architecture and a roadmap for implementing MII. The assessment will be customized based upon a Client’s area of focus. Examples of past areas of focus have been: Building a mobile MES using MII; Synchronizing a third part MES to SAP ECC; Capturing large quantities of process data from the shop floor and driving alerts. The assessment also summaries the current state, gaps in the current state, future state vision and a roadmap to achieve the future state.

  • Produce a MII roadmap for the next 3 years
  • Customized assessment created by integrating the shop floor MES with the ERP system
  • Provides visibility to performance on the shop floor

  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Strategy
  • Master Data Management (MDM) Assessment
  • Big Data Readiness Assessment
  • Mobility Strategy

  • Identifying configuration and/or execution-related improvements in core ERP areas – such as Financial Accounting & Controlling, Sales & Distribution, Materials Management, and Production Planning – helps to improve overall ERP performance and user satisfaction.

  • The area of focus will depend on client needs (i.e. indirect spend, MRO, telecom, etc.).
  • Spend analysis involves “slicing and dicing” spend data to create meaningful analytics that are either informational, display trends, or identify opportunities.
  • This will be followed by recommendations for deeper analysis in selected sub-categories for targeted spend reduction.
  • Products
    Retail Mobile app
    Ecommerce Mobile Cart Application
  • Products
    Retail Kiosk
    Order Taking Kiosk Management System
  • Products
    Sales Management
    Sales Application Management System
  • Products
    Store Customer Relationship Management
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