Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Procurement Orders

  • Supply chain assessment and business case development
  • Get accurate material cost and sales for the day/period
  • Full lifecycle SCM software implementation
  • Training, upgrades and enhancements to existing processes and solutions

  • After a thorough review of your supply chain processes and transformation goals, SITA provides a toolkit of accelerators and templates, to help support rapid integration and adoption of your custom-tailored SCM solution.


  • Used during the blueprint phase to identify functionality applicable to your project and business

  • Accelerators used to demonstrate key functionality during the implementation or as a template to jumpstart your project

  • SITA’s industry-specific technical white papers on SCM functionality, complement the standard documentation available from SAP and facilitating training during project implementation

  • SITA’s experienced consultants work closely with you to jumpstart the project through development of an APO prototype – to conduct fit-gap analysis of the solution, and gain momentum within the user community
  • Products
    Retail Mobile app
    Ecommerce Mobile Cart Application
  • Products
    Retail Kiosk
    Order Taking Kiosk Management System
  • Products
    Sales Management
    Sales Application Management System
  • Products
    Store Customer Relationship Management
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