Smart Healthcare

SOJOURNER- Vaccination Assistant

Sojo HealthCare App

Your health is now at your fingertips.

  • Schedule appointments quickly and easily
  • Direct communication line between patients and providers
  • Securely store and access your health and wellness information
    on the go and at any time, with comprehensive records in OnePlace

Communication:Instant call, chat & video with your doctor.

Healthcare Communication
  • Easy and quick communication: messaging between patients and providers.
  • Get appointments that are convenient for you: at work, at home, on the go.
  • Anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Easily manage appointments and patient communication, receive alerts, and access comprehensive health records on-the-go

Healthcare Appointments
View and request appointments.
  • Improve patient loyalty, with fast scheduling and less wait time
  • Patients choose preferred appointment times from open slots
  • Staff can approve or reschedule within seconds

Access and store your health records securely from your mobile device.

Healthcare Patient
  • Store and update medical records from all of your providers: Upload new scans, medications, etc. to keep health history up-to-date
  • Securely access existing records
  • Share records with other referred providers: Better continuity of care with fast, secure transfer of records. Patients can authorize electronically, and from any device

Receive automatic for appointments,medications,wellness events and prescription refills.

Healthcare Patient
  • Reminders for when to take medications, wellness events, and prescription refills
  • Improve patient compliance
  • Timely return of patient calls: Reminders queue of any patients to call back at your convenience

Immunization Schedules

Healthcare Patient
  • Reminders for what vaccinations the infants, children, and adults in your family need.
  • When the vaccination appointments should be scheduled, how frequently.
  • Records for schools & work applications.


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